Four Reasons to Consider Switchgears If You Run a Lot of Electrical Equipment

Posted on: 16 June 2017

If you run an industrial facility or manufacturing plant with a lot of electrical equipment, it may be time to invest in some switchgears. This power equipment can be essential for a number of reasons. Here are the top reasons why you may want to consider this type of equipment.

1. Protects Your Equipment 

Switchgears can take a range of forms depending on the type of equipment you use, but basically, they are a cabinet full of circuit breakers and switches. In many cases, you may have multiple machines connected to the same circuit.

If one of those machines faults or short circuits, that can send a blast of electricity through the system that can damage other machinery. A switchgear prevents that from happening. It senses the current, and it disconnects that part of the machinery from the rest of the circuit.

2. Improves Uptime

By protecting your equipment, a switchgear also improves uptime. If you're rushing to meet a deadline, working on filling an order or trying to stick to a schedule for any other reason, you don't need equipment breaking down.

That slows down the entire operation. It can make clients unhappy and cost you money in the long run. A switchgear helps to prevent that from happening, and that improves uptime and makes it easier to stay on schedule.

3. Works Manually

Switchgears do a lot of tasks automatically—namely, as indicated above, they break the circuit as needed. However, they also give you manual control over your electrical equipment and the circuits to which they're connected.

If you or one of your employees is concerned about how a machine is functioning, you can use the switchgear to shut down power to that machine. Then, you or a maintenance professional can work on that equipment without any worries about electrocution or other injuries. The switchgear ensures that the rest of the equipment on that circuit stays working. That isolation feature can be extremely useful.

4. Can Replace Fuses

Switchgears can also be an effective option for replacing fuse boxes. Fuses don't have the power to sense large fault currents. Instead, they just stop the current when it hits them. This is referred to as blowing the fuse.

This setup protects the machinery, but you have to put in a new fuse every time one blows. A switchgear can help you to avoid this process. If you seem to be constantly replacing fuses, you may want to consider a switchgear for that reason.

To learn more about buying or hiring a switchgear, contact a company that specialises in power equipment. Those professionals can help you determine the right equipment for your business's needs.


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