5 Good Reasons to Invest in a Ute Crane

Posted on: 30 August 2017

These days, you can find a machine to make light work of almost any manual task. If you frequently need to load heavy cargo onto the back of your ute (and unload the cargo too, of course), here are a couple of good reasons to explain why you should invest in a ute crane.

  1. Ute cranes are light in weight. The weight of a particular type of crane determines whether the equipment can be handled manually or whether it will call for additional lifting equipment. Ute cranes are light in weight, meaning they are portable and can be easily carried onto the table top of your ute for setup. This eliminates the need to use other heavy lifting equipment to mount the crane on the table top of your ute.
  2. Ute cranes are powerful lifting equipment. When gauging the power of crane equipment, you should not just look at how much weight they can carry. A better measure would be to compare the weight to lifting capacity ratio of each type of crane. Even though ute cranes are lightweight, they can lift loads many times heavier than their weights. Compared to many larger-capacity cranes available on the market, these cranes offer superior power.
  3. Ute cranes are easy to operate. To operate these cranes, the crane operator simply has to secure the load onto the hoist system of the crane and guide the load onto the back of their ute. This is a job that a single person can perform effortlessly.
  4. Ute cranes can save on space. When not in use, ute cranes can fold down into a compact bundle so that it does not waste your precious ute carriage space. Therefore, you do not have to dismantle the crane once you are done using it just so you can leave space for your cargo.
  5. Ute cranes are flexible to use. Thanks to their compact design and a 360° swivel base, ute cranes allow operators to place heavy loads exactly where they want, even in tight space.

There is absolutely no reason why you should break your back lifting a heavy load onto your ute when you can make light work of the job by using a crane specially designed to be mounted to the back of your ute. Contact a ute crane supplier today to discuss your specific lifting needs and what type of ute crane would match those needs.


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