3 Ways To Make Your Resume Pop For Finance Recruiters

Posted on: 28 September 2017

If you work in finance or are looking to get into the industry, you'll need to work hard because the industry is flooded with qualified applicants just like you. The way you write your resume can make a huge difference in whether you receive that coveted call from a finance recruitment agency, so follow these strategies for the best results.

Write For The Job Role

Generic resumes often get overlooked because finance recruiters are looking for specific qualifications for a particular role. Highlight specific experience you have that is relevant to the job, and leave out the irrelevant information because recruiters and companies simply don't have enough time to go through every piece of information.

For example, if the job requires an investment analyst, highlight your specific experience with concepts of wealth creation and financial planning over items like sales and data entry, which may be less relevant to the role advertised. If the job is related to investment banking, highlight any mergers and acquisitions that you've been part of. Once you're able to write a resume tailored to the job role, you'll start to see more successful interest from finance recruiters.

Be Clear And Concise With Your Cover Letter

Cover letters are supremely important in Australia, so don't take it for granted. Length is another factor that recruiters consider when it comes to reading cover letters because they simply don't have enough time to sift through pages of verbose content.  A good cover letter should ideally have short paragraphs and should cover your job experience without being too drawn-out. If possible, add bullet points to make it more readable and clear for finance recruiters who have to go through hundreds of applications on a daily basis.

Highlight Your Level Of Involvement In Particular Roles

Recruiters want to know how involved you were in previous job roles, in order to assess how relevant your profile is to the advertised job. Try not to embellish your responsibility in undertaking a particular job because it could expose you at the interview, which will be embarrassing.

For example, if you claim to have played a key role in a transaction but can barely scratch the surface when it comes to discussing the strategy, your finance recruiter will not bother to put you through to the next round. Finance recruiters usually have the skill to do a thorough background check and will pick out fabrications. Acknowledging your level of involvement from the start will make it much easier to get another interview.

Follow these strategies in your quest to make your resume pop for finance recruiters.


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