4 Benefits of Installing a Gabled Patio in Your Home

Posted on: 20 March 2018

If you are looking to improve your home, a gabled patio is a great way of creating a space where the exterior of your property and the interior living space can meet. A gabled patio features a roof and windows which mean you can use the space even when the weather isn't very nice. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of installing a gabled patio on your property.

Better drainage

Traditional patios are often covered by a flat roof. The major drawback of a flat roof is that rain and snow can collect on them. This can add additional weight to the patio structure which may result in damage. Standing water also increases the chance that your patio will develop a leak. However, gabled patios are normally fitted with a peaked triangular roof which allows water and snow to slide down into the gutters which will carry it away into the public sewers. 

Improved ventilation

The shape of a gabled patio encourages air to flow from one area of the patio to another. This is especially important during the summer months when many traditional roofed patios can become very stuffy due to warm air which has become trapped. The glass in a gabled patio will feature windows and vents which can be opened to assist the movement of air.

More headroom and storage space

Because of the shaped roof, a gabled patio offers much more headroom when compared to a traditional flat-roofed patio. This is ideal if there are very tall members of your family or if you wish to store items such as outdoor equipment in the roof space of the patio. A contractor will be able to install special racks which will allow you to place items in the roof space of your gabled patio.

Increased appeal

Whenever you consider improving your home, you should always consider if the changes you are making will add value to the resale price of your property. Because gabled patios are more pleasing to the eye when compared to a flat roof patio, it will significantly increase the appeal of your home if you choose to sell it.

If you would like further advice or information about choosing and installing a gabled patio which is right for you, you should contact a local business which specialises in this area. A contractor will be happy to offer whatever assistance you may need.


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