3 Services You Didn't Know Your Jeweller Could Do

Posted on: 15 August 2019

Personal jewellery is often much more than just a way for people to impress others with a show of their wealth. For many, the pieces of jewellery they wear have great significance and stories attached to them, whether it be a family heirloom passed down for generations or a ring they got on their first date. This is why many people are so attached to their jewellery and why it can be so devastating when it gets broken or damaged. While you may think that is the end for your ring or necklace in fact there are many things that your local jeweller can do to help fix it.


Most rings and other similar items of jewellery that display precious stones hold the gemstones through the use of a 'claw.' The claw is aptly named because it is the part of the jewellery that reaches out over the gemstone and keeps it in place. Over time, the claw can loosen or simply wear away, and this means that the diamond embedded in the jewellery can come loose too. When this starts to happen, take your item in for some running jewellery repairs that will fix up the claw and ensure it lasts for a long time.


An often under-utilised part of the jewellery repair services your local jeweller will offer is the process of restoration. This is a collaborative process where you will discuss how you want an old bit of jewellery brought back to its former glory, either by repairing dented and broken parts or by adding something totally new. Don't waste money on new jewellery when you have so many great pieces lying around that only need a little bit of tender loving care to sparkle again. Jewellery repair and restoration is a great way to save money while keeping the pieces of jewellery that you have fond memories with in good condition. 


Jewellery repair is all about getting your jewellery looking the best it can, and sometimes that doesn't require any strenuous procedures. It is amazing how much a good polish can often change the appearance of an old necklace or ring. A good polish done by a professional will have your precious metals shining like the day they were forged. While polishing at home is always a good way to keep your jewellery looking nice, your local jeweller will have a lifetime of experience that makes them the ultimate expert at polishing properly. 


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