Three Gifts For The Green Thumb Who Thinks They Have Everything

Posted on: 22 January 2020

For those who are close to people who love the outdoors and gardening, it can be tough to find presents for them that they don't already have. After all, as it is a fairly intensive hobby, they most likely have bought everything they need already. That is why when shopping for them, you have to think outside the box. That means considering items that even the person themselves would not think about. This is a daunting task for sure, but here are a couple of options that might set you down a path to the perfect gift. 


Using hydroponics is a great way to have complete control over the entire life of your chosen plants. For the green thumb that loves the need to be accurate when gardening, hydroponics is the next step up. You can choose the system, the water, the number of nutrients, the level of sunlight and everything else you can think of. The good news is that hydroponics are not that expensive a subgenre of gardening to get into, and you can get a decent setup with only a couple hundred dollars. Just be careful; once someone tries hydroponics, it is hard to convince them to go back out into the hot sun to do their gardening!

Comfort Accessories 

Gardening is viewed as quite an intensive hobby, and for good reason. You are outside in all different types of weather and are constantly kneeling, lifting and otherwise exerting energy. To combat this, many gardening stores have started selling accessories for gardening that ease this burden. These are especially great for older green thumbs who still have the enthusiasm but a smaller amount of energy. Items include things like kneeling pads, internally cooled clothing, special sunglasses and hats, longer-lasting cooled water bottles, and much more. Take a stroll through your local gardening equipment store to find out more. 

Electric Tools

The new revolution in outdoor gardening is the introduction of electric tools. It is a little-known fact that many common gardening tools are expensive to run with petrol but also incredibly harmful to the planet. Electric tools are quieter, cheaper to maintain and not nearly as environmentally damaging as regular tools. The best part is that you can keep giving them as gifts until every tool in your loved one's shed is replaced with an electric variant — that is, if they don't upgrade them all after realising how good the first one is!


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