Why Outdoor Roller Blinds Just Make Sense For Australian Conditions

Posted on: 29 June 2021

If you are looking to upgrade the exterior of your home, then you have no doubt at least considered outdoor roller blinds. They look great on a large variety of homes, but for those who have never had them before, you may be wondering if they are more effective than roller blinds or shutters on the inside of your window. There are many reasons why outdoor roller blinds are specifically good for Australian conditions and why they could help you keep your home in better order, but here are three of the most common and important ones that you need to consider before making your final choice!

Protection From Dust And Debris

Many parts of Australia, especially around the coastal regions, have quite strong winds that stir up all of the thick dust and dirt, as well as anything else in its path, and slam them into whatever obstacle stands in the winds way. Unfortunately, that is often buildings, and the most vulnerable part of homes and businesses is, of course, the window. Outdoor roller blinds allow some protection from the dirt and debris that gets whipped up by strong winds so that your windows do not get little scratches and chunks taken out of them.

Act As Insulation

Windows transfer a lot of heat to the outside world, especially during winter, and if you don't have double or triple glazed windows, this can result in a much higher electricity bill. Outdoor roller blinds can act as a sort of insulative layer, by providing another layer between the window and the outside world. While this may not be as effective as double glazed windows, when used in tandem with other insulative precautions, outdoor roller blinds can be very effective at managing the loss of heat. This effect is even more noticeable during summer when the hot rays of light are not allowed to penetrate the window.

Enjoy The Atmosphere

While you do want to protect yourself against the hot sunlight and the dust in the air, you do still want to enjoy the Australian climate for what it is. While using outdoor shutters would act as a wall and prevent anything from entering your home, roller blinds only stop the aspects you want to be blocked, while still letting in nice, cool breezes and allowing you to feel the comforting warmth of those long summer afternoons. It pays to take precautions against the wilder elements of the Australian climate, but don't lock yourself away completely! 


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